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    How quickly will I be contacted about my inquiry?

    Our dedicated consultants will contact you within 48 hours.

    What is the typical production lead time for an order?

    The production of an order will take between 4-6 weeks depending on order quantity and artwork complexity.

    What specifications does my artwork need to meet?

    Please see our Design Guidelines for artwork file requirements.

    What size mailers are available for customization?

    Currently there are four sizes available via the website for sampling, but our consultants can offer a wider variety of sizes to fit your business need for production orders. Please contact us for these specific inquiries.

    Why aren't all sizes offered?

    Currently we are pilot testing a variety of our most popular sizes to provide digitally printed samples. We plan to expand to additional sizes in the near future.

    Why is this service only offered for mailers?
    Mailers are currently one of our most customized products, we plan to extend our customized offering to additional product lines soon.

    Why can't samples currently be flood coated?
    Due to limitations specific to the sampling process, we can not currently print edge-to-edge. We are working to create this capability and provide edge-to-edge printing during the sample process.

    How long will it take to receive my sample?

    You will  receive your sample 10 business days or less after your order is placed.

    Who will follow up with me once I submit my request?

    One of our customization consultants will contact you and guide you through the quoting and ordering process.

    What's the difference in a Jiffylite® Paper Mailer and TuffGard® Plastic Mailer?

    Jiffylite® mailers are created with 100% recycled paper and Tuffgard® Plastic mailers are created with multi-layer, coextruded plastic film.  Both products feature Bubble Wrap® to provide superior cushioning benefits.

    Will there be differences between my sample and the production run?

    Due to the different printing technologies used for sampling versus production, you may notice slight variations in your sample and final product.

    Is there a difference in cost for only printing on one side of the mailer?

    There is no cost difference between printing on one side or both sides of your mailer. Printing costs depend on the amount of ink used in the artwork, not where the ink is used.